Thursday, October 22, 2009

whoot to me!

2 blog posts in 2 days??? What is the world coming to?

So here's today's rant: why do people insist on coming to work sick? Really? Do you have to come and spread all your germs all over everything? Ugh. There is a sickie at work right now who has real problems coughing without covering her mouth. Oh except when she does cover her mouth and then touch all over the microscopes. **eye roll** At one point today she was following me to our "drink and snackage" area (a little pseudotable by the timeclock). She was hacking the entire time--so much so that I actually backed away from her. Her comment? "Oh, it's only a cold!" Oh, because I am okay with getting a cold. As long as it's not H1N1 or meningitis, a cold would be fine. Here, just cough on my pretzels and make it easier for me. Thanks.

I'm gonna go cough and sneeze my way to sleep. Could someone pass the Mentholatum?

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Heather said...

MASK HER!!! Although if she's anything like the client I had to mask...well...she had the mask on and then promptly pulled it down to cough. UGH