Wednesday, October 21, 2009

here I go again

I keep thinking about blogging. Usually something happens and I forget, there's nothing interesting to say, or I physically (technologically) can't do it. My internet was down for almost a month a while ago, and since then I've just been lax. I go again!

Brief recap of my life since June:
Not much has changed. Well, that was easy. I still have the same job, the same house, the same boyfriend. Oh, and the kitten I never posted a picture of is now 7 months old! I love him desperately. I think he rivals the Benjamin as being the best cat EVAH! Summer came and went with nothing spectacular to report. I started class again in August, and (God willing) I'll graduate in December. My last class for the stupid masters degree. Didn't think that would ever happen. Mother and I took another one of our fantastic trips in September (a cruise up the Rhine). Man, was I relaxed after that one.

Anyway, the State Fair is over, fall is in full swing, and I decided it's just plain time to start this baby up again. I hope I haven't lost you all. Oh, and here's the kitten:

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