Monday, June 15, 2009

borrowing trouble

That's what I do, folks! Yes, things are totally fine with me and my main squeeze. He just had to get over his little snit. We ended up having a lovely Saturday night. He even offered to stop on the way over and pick up Chinese. Ah, the way to my heart! We basically vegged in front of the TV watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 and then kicked some bootie at online Jeopardy. Ya, we lead the exciting life.

In other news, Ernest the Wonder Kitten is doing quite well. He and Thomas are now starting to chase each other around the house in play (instead of dominance). They have gotten to the point where they will BOTH share the bed with me instead of just taking turns. Aww, sweet kittehs! I also got a new sofa that I will pick up Thursday from the consignment store. Sooooo excited! It's a Quatrine that my mother found for an absolutely stellar price (for a Quatrine, that is). I'm gonna dig being able to throw the slip cover in the washing machine whenever needed.

Well, we finally got a driver at work. Gotta get working now!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are good with all the guys (human and feline). We leave for Honduras at dark-thirty Friday morning. Please keep us in your prayers! And let's find a time to get together after the trip. Mr. Chopsticks at our house? Bring the boyfriend!