Monday, November 24, 2008

zee update

My poor Maximilian is still in the garage. He needs a new thermostat. In the meantime, the behemoth is carting me to and fro. I do like the tallness of the minivan, but the rest of the mom-mobile concept evades me. I'd much rather drive a station wagon. They're kinda hot. Not the wood panelled ones from the 70s mind you. The cool Subarus and Volvos with 4 wheel drive and car like driving abilities. Ya. I could dig that. Or another S2000. Hmmmm, station wagon or sports car??? My tastes do run the gamut.

Anyway, I'll have the behemoth until sometime tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get my Max back without having to spend too much more money. If only I'd been able to make that tree actually leaf out in green bills....

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