Wednesday, August 27, 2008

odds and ends

Just a couple things that have happened in the past few days are even worth mentioning. I'll go with that and if anything else comes to me in the meantime, I'll throw that in, too!

I called my mother on Sunday to see if she would accompany me to the local bougie mall; I wanted to go and walk around somewhere so I wouldn't just come home after church and sleep all afternoon. Going to said mall, I was also able to buy some new undergarments. Yep, when you lose weight, everything shrinks. Especially the boobies. =( Oh well. All things in proportion I guess. While we were there, my mother bought nothing. Besides the boring bras, I got a new pair of shoes and a sweater (that was NOT on sale but makes me look really thin). All in all, an expensive but necessary day.

I fell asleep on the couch last night while watching something on TLC. I woke up a little bit about 11 or so, turned off the TV, and went back to sleep. I slept the whole night on the couch with the light still blazing. Dang, I guess I was tired! I even had trouble getting up this morning. That couch is comfy! However, when I woke up, I had a fright. I was on my side with my hand on my hip, and I noticed I had this really hard lump on my hip. OMG, what have I done now??? Lo and behold, it was my hip bone. Wow, I forgot those were there! Another benefit of losing weight!

So when I was at work today, I got off of a meeting/conference call right at 4pm. As soon as I got back into the lab and to the microscope, I realized I had a killer headache. Ya know, the kind where it hurts to turn your head or move your eyeballs. Ugh. I took some Tylenol (ya, that worked--not) and waited a good long while to leave work. Trying to give the stuff time to kick in. When it didn't really, I decided that I needed to stop off somewhere and pick up dinner. There was no way I was gonna be able to cook. Anywho, did I go someplace simple or normal? Of course not. I called and stopped off at Outback for some good, bloody steak. Keep in mind, that even though it is not cheap, it is at least 2 meals. AND they have the baked sweet potatoes back on the menu. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! What is better than meat, sweet potato, and caesar salad. Yes kids, I had salad. And it didn't hurt my tummy!!! Repeat after me: Hallelujah! My head is still achy, but I don't care quite so much. I have finally prevailed over lettuce. Sah-wheeeeet!

Oh, and in regard to the new guy--he was in town for one night this week, but he got stuck at the office until 9pm. I decided that was too late to try and meet for only about an hour or such. Boo. He will be back next week and won't have to leave again for quite some time. Yay! At least we got to chat a bit. I'm ready for him to be back.

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Anonymous said...

Hip bone and salad - what a week!
Hope to see you soon. LB