Saturday, August 16, 2008

my turn

All my blogger friends have been posting, and I have been the super slacker. Let's see if I can catch you all up quickly without too much rambling.

Things are still going well with the new guy. He's been out of town for the last week, but he called and sent a text the day of my surgery to check on me. He's nice that way.

The surgery came and went, and all seems to be well so far. The only real problem I really have is that my throat is still sore from the anesthesia tubing. And I told that (really hot) doctor that I was a singer and he should be extra careful. Great. I even went to my choir rehearsal the next day. How dedicated (or stupid) am I??? As of today, I'm only taking Tylenol.

Last night was Restaurant Week with the friends. We went to Ruth's Chris. Mmmmmmmm! I had called ahead of time to see if I could finagle soup instead of the obligatory started salad (raw vegetables still kill my tummy). They said I could, and I started with the lobster bisque. Can you believe it was actually too rich?!? The steak itself was wonderful for the 3 bites I could muster--thank goodness for to-go boxes! Then there was the Chocolate Sin cake. Chocolate and espresso: what is not to love. That I ended up bringing to work today mostly for the MayBoy. He can handle all the sugar!

Okay, believe it or not, that's about it. I gotta get back to the grind of the lab. The place can barely keep going without me for three days. Gosh! Love to you all!


Big Poppa Wil said...

I am glad you are going well and that you enjoyed the resturant.

Hey, This is unrelated to the post. Can you put up in your settings a way to subscribe to this blog?

It's there because I set it on my blogs.

A Naughty Mouse said...

Someone's gonna have to show me how to do that. You know I'm technologically inefficient! =)