Friday, April 27, 2007


And I quote:

"The hiring manager ... will be contacting you within the next few days to schedule a time for the two of you to talk .... I’ll be in touch again after you have had a chance to speak."

Me worried? Nah!


Why am I so antsy about the possibility of a job that might happen in no less than 4 months time?

Everytime I go to sleep or have nothing else on my mind, I think about so many things! I still haven't told my father. I'd have to get rid of a lot of furniture, clothes, and stuff. I'd have to pack up a 1300 sqft house and move into a maybe 700 sqft apartment. It's almost 2000 miles from the only home I've ever known. What about the cats? What about my parents? Would I have to get a new car/vehicle that has 4 wheel drive for the winters? What if they don't like me? What are the allergies like up there? Could I make new friends? Would I be able to keep in touch with the old ones? Arrggghhhh!!!

And yet, I still can't wait to go.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

post interview

Oh, so much to say, but too brain dead to remember it all. I will do my best....

The interview went fairly well considering. Considering what? Well, I guess I didn't think it was gonna be an honest to goodness "interview," but with the stuff she was asking me, it so totally was. I got to explain for the umpteenth time why I left (had to leave) my last real job. Ugh. I swear, no matter how I actually say it, it sounds like I'm some sorta paranoid psycho loser freak. I swear I'm not! It's just those darned voices.... Still, I don't think I scared her off. She called when I was about a mile from home, so when I got my driveway, I just sat there in the car probably looking like a stalker at my own house while we talked. She was having the worst time with all sorts of tuberculin hacking. The first time I was on hold, I got out of the car and moved some fallen branches out to the curb. The second time I was on hold, I pulled a few weeds. Finally I suggested (at about the same time she mentioned) that she should take a couple of minutes, get a drink, and call me back. She did, and she did. All in all, it went well. I got an email from her saying that she would be in contact with me in a few days to let me know the "next steps." Yes, that was a quotation. Her words. Sounds positive to me.

Other random musings in the world of the naughty mouse:

1) I got stuck in this hideous traffic the other day while going to Sprinkles to get cupcakes for my mother and bestest friend. Funny thing, the car that was broken down causing the backup was a cute little 2 seater Mercedes with a license plate that translated "Oh to be me." Hahahahahaha! Guess she didn't plan on being the broken down car that morning!

2) Why is it that things that taste oh-so-good can smell oh-so-awful? By this I'm referring to blue cheese. I had some really tasty Stilton the other morning in a salad before bed (remember kids--this is my dinner; ergo, usually no breakfast food in the a.m.). I was just a tad revolted by the smell. Then I licked the fork with which I was scraping it into little chunks for the aforementioned salad--sublime yumminess.

3) Why oh why did my ob-gyn feel the need to use the words "purulent discharge" during my examination??? She wasn't referring to me or any part of me, but I still found this word exchange highly disturbing. Definitely NOT what you want to hear with your feet in the stirrups. Granted, is there anything you do want to hear then?

Okay kiddos. Brain dead time has taken over my body. I must retire to the den to snooze on the couch between laundry loads. A bientot!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well, I found out that Southwest gets to within 93 miles of Portland (or there abouts) by flying into Manchester, New Hampshire. Also, I didn't realize Boston was sooooooooooo close!

Here is the funny part of the update. When I got to work Friday night, before I could even get my lab coat on, the eeee-vil supervisor called me into his office. I felt like I was going to see the principal or something. Anyway, turns out HR called him to ask him about me and tell him about the aforementioned interview. Oops. I was very good at playing the blonde and telling him that no, in fact I had not applied for another job. This is in fact true. I have not applied for anything--we've just been talking and planning for a possible change in the not too distant future. Ergo, I felt no need to tell him about it. Sometimes I really can tweak things just right.

As for last night--Stars win!!!! Game seven, here we come! I ended up calling in sick last night because of it all. I had hockey fever. However, I am dutifully at work today doing what I should have done last night. All in all, it works out fine. It's quite nice actually: empty lab, classical music playing on the computer, no one using the centrifuge and making my wet mount slides shake under the microscope. I should try to get them to let me do this more often!

Well, the timer is about to go off. Gotta go check my giardia elisa.


Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, there you have it. The subject line says it all. I have an interview. Tee-hee!!!

As it so happens, I have to wait until next Wednesday morning (at 8:30am--thank you very much) before I can talk to the woman. Okay, here's the part most of you don't know. The job is very far away. I'd have to move approximately 1864 miles (that's just from city center to city center according to google maps). It would be a super big promotion for me. I can't decide how I feel about it yet. I really want the job, but it's far away from everything I know: my family, my friends, the only home I've ever known. On the other hand, it's far away from everything I know! Everything new! Not to mention a much prettier state with a coast 40 miles from the possible new home, mountains 100 miles away, and lots of old friends who moved away close(r) again. I wouldn't leave until August (because of that free England choir trip this summer), but I'd be moving from 100+ temperatures to the 80s, four seasons, and beautiful fall colors. I guess I should see how close Southwest flies to Portland....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the Tuesday after

Well, it's hard to post something funny the day after the Virginia Tech massacre. I have a friend here in town that is the local alumni president. She's been barraged with calls from the press asking things about what classes she took and what it was like when she was there. At this point, who cares about what classes she took so many years ago. That won't bring the kids back to their parents. It's all just so sucky. So as I sit here on my "lunch" break eating my leftover pasta, I send all my thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, and their friends. May God be with you in this tragic time.

Now, all seriousness aside. I will share some good news in my small corner of the world. My bestest friend FINALLY got a new car. She won't have to drive around in the cold with no heat, in the heat with no a/c, and through the ghetto and barrio holding the door closed. It's almost a miracle that this finally happened. And I am thrilled to say she got a Honda. *angels singing* Her past 2-3 modes of transportation have been less than reliable. Because of her scary but necessary job, I'm glad she won't have to be worried about breaking down in aforementioned ghettos.

If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near one of the venues for the Body Worlds exhibit (and you're not the eensiest bit squeemish), you've gotta go see this thing! Especially if you are a smoker. You won't be by the time you leave. It's wicked cool. Being a biologist by study, I knew most of what I saw before I went in, but being able to see it in true form at so close a viewing was amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

One closing serious thought: does anyone else wonder why it seems that the US is the only place that seems to have these mass tragedies? You never hear of some angry person walking into a school/university/fast food franchise/etc in Spain, India, or Australia and killing so many people. Something to think about.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I almost forgot

Happy Friday the 13th!


yes, I suck

Sorry for the serious lack in posting (postage?). Luckily for the mighty "Stubby Fingers" (yes, someone used to call me that), there isn't much to report. I'll see if I can fill in the blanks of the past 2 weeks.

First of all, there was Holy Week. Well, let's just say that Holy Week made this one weak. Between rehearsal Monday and Thursday, concerts Tuesday and Friday, and services Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and of course Easter Sunday (when I had to be at church at 6:30am!) all while working the stupid night shift, I didn't think I'd ever recover. Still haven't to some point. It was great singing for RAH again though. Forgot how musical that little bugger could be. I also really enjoyed singing with some of the old pals who've since left the church for one reason or another. Ah, memories!

The job is still a chore. At least I know I do my job well. Heck, part of it I'm the only one at night that can do it. Of course, that may be why I work so many 6-day weeks. I know, think about the overtime. I've since realized that the overtime reaches a point where Uncle Sam takes a larger percentage so it doesn't really matter. Also, I'd much rather have a little free time to clean my farking house (aka: the pit).

Took Cornelius to the vet ... um, some time in the last 2 weeks. His heart and blood pressure are doing great! I will continue to call him Benazepril Man for quite some time it seems. (go here for info: In fact, his murmur seems to have lessened a touch. I'll still have to fork over some fundage for an EKG at some point, but at least I don't need to start with the sonogram like I thought we would. Poor baby kitten!

Still no news on the "relationship" front, but I figure that will be the case until I quit working the crazy ass night shift. Heck, I don't have the time or energy to try to meet anyone anyway.

I'm super psyched because I'm going to the Stars game this Sunday night. Go Stars! Of course, I'm not psyched about the day. Let's see: leave work at ~3-4am, go home and nap, go to church and sing forever and a day (3 service day), kill an hour or so with Ang before we go to the AAC, and then watch the game. I can't decide if I hope for the quadruple overtime like last night or not. It'd be uber fun, but I don't know if either of us can stay awake that long!

Well, that's a start. I hope all is going well with everyone I know. I miss you all (especially my movie night people and trivia gang). Someday I will see you guys again. Heck, there are some people I haven't seen or spoken to other than email since New Year's Eve. Gosh, what a loser.

Nope, not a loser--just in the wrong time schedule from the rest of the CIVILIZED world.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

derision, anguish, and throes of tribulation

I love words.

The title basically sums up my work life lately. But it's okay. I'll come out on top. Heck, it's Lent. Things are supposed to be tough right now, right? I will prevail.

Guess I should go home and get showered for church. I hate going straight from work. I'd really like to get some sleep before I have to sing a French mass. *shakes head in wonderment of the ways of the world*

A bientot and Godspeed.