Thursday, April 26, 2007

post interview

Oh, so much to say, but too brain dead to remember it all. I will do my best....

The interview went fairly well considering. Considering what? Well, I guess I didn't think it was gonna be an honest to goodness "interview," but with the stuff she was asking me, it so totally was. I got to explain for the umpteenth time why I left (had to leave) my last real job. Ugh. I swear, no matter how I actually say it, it sounds like I'm some sorta paranoid psycho loser freak. I swear I'm not! It's just those darned voices.... Still, I don't think I scared her off. She called when I was about a mile from home, so when I got my driveway, I just sat there in the car probably looking like a stalker at my own house while we talked. She was having the worst time with all sorts of tuberculin hacking. The first time I was on hold, I got out of the car and moved some fallen branches out to the curb. The second time I was on hold, I pulled a few weeds. Finally I suggested (at about the same time she mentioned) that she should take a couple of minutes, get a drink, and call me back. She did, and she did. All in all, it went well. I got an email from her saying that she would be in contact with me in a few days to let me know the "next steps." Yes, that was a quotation. Her words. Sounds positive to me.

Other random musings in the world of the naughty mouse:

1) I got stuck in this hideous traffic the other day while going to Sprinkles to get cupcakes for my mother and bestest friend. Funny thing, the car that was broken down causing the backup was a cute little 2 seater Mercedes with a license plate that translated "Oh to be me." Hahahahahaha! Guess she didn't plan on being the broken down car that morning!

2) Why is it that things that taste oh-so-good can smell oh-so-awful? By this I'm referring to blue cheese. I had some really tasty Stilton the other morning in a salad before bed (remember kids--this is my dinner; ergo, usually no breakfast food in the a.m.). I was just a tad revolted by the smell. Then I licked the fork with which I was scraping it into little chunks for the aforementioned salad--sublime yumminess.

3) Why oh why did my ob-gyn feel the need to use the words "purulent discharge" during my examination??? She wasn't referring to me or any part of me, but I still found this word exchange highly disturbing. Definitely NOT what you want to hear with your feet in the stirrups. Granted, is there anything you do want to hear then?

Okay kiddos. Brain dead time has taken over my body. I must retire to the den to snooze on the couch between laundry loads. A bientot!

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Anonymous said...

better to hear "purulent discharge" than the aretha franklin song "r-e-s-p-e-c-t"

Congrats on the phone interview.