Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the Tuesday after

Well, it's hard to post something funny the day after the Virginia Tech massacre. I have a friend here in town that is the local alumni president. She's been barraged with calls from the press asking things about what classes she took and what it was like when she was there. At this point, who cares about what classes she took so many years ago. That won't bring the kids back to their parents. It's all just so sucky. So as I sit here on my "lunch" break eating my leftover pasta, I send all my thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, and their friends. May God be with you in this tragic time.

Now, all seriousness aside. I will share some good news in my small corner of the world. My bestest friend FINALLY got a new car. She won't have to drive around in the cold with no heat, in the heat with no a/c, and through the ghetto and barrio holding the door closed. It's almost a miracle that this finally happened. And I am thrilled to say she got a Honda. *angels singing* Her past 2-3 modes of transportation have been less than reliable. Because of her scary but necessary job, I'm glad she won't have to be worried about breaking down in aforementioned ghettos.

If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near one of the venues for the Body Worlds exhibit (and you're not the eensiest bit squeemish), you've gotta go see this thing! Especially if you are a smoker. You won't be by the time you leave. It's wicked cool. Being a biologist by study, I knew most of what I saw before I went in, but being able to see it in true form at so close a viewing was amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

One closing serious thought: does anyone else wonder why it seems that the US is the only place that seems to have these mass tragedies? You never hear of some angry person walking into a school/university/fast food franchise/etc in Spain, India, or Australia and killing so many people. Something to think about.

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