Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well, I found out that Southwest gets to within 93 miles of Portland (or there abouts) by flying into Manchester, New Hampshire. Also, I didn't realize Boston was sooooooooooo close!

Here is the funny part of the update. When I got to work Friday night, before I could even get my lab coat on, the eeee-vil supervisor called me into his office. I felt like I was going to see the principal or something. Anyway, turns out HR called him to ask him about me and tell him about the aforementioned interview. Oops. I was very good at playing the blonde and telling him that no, in fact I had not applied for another job. This is in fact true. I have not applied for anything--we've just been talking and planning for a possible change in the not too distant future. Ergo, I felt no need to tell him about it. Sometimes I really can tweak things just right.

As for last night--Stars win!!!! Game seven, here we come! I ended up calling in sick last night because of it all. I had hockey fever. However, I am dutifully at work today doing what I should have done last night. All in all, it works out fine. It's quite nice actually: empty lab, classical music playing on the computer, no one using the centrifuge and making my wet mount slides shake under the microscope. I should try to get them to let me do this more often!

Well, the timer is about to go off. Gotta go check my giardia elisa.


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Anonymous said...

This is so cool. And it will mean cool summer evenings! I've always wanted a reason to go to Maine....

Meanwhile, you missed a good time at the fiesta dinner last night. Wine and margaritas (frozen or on the rocks). Food was good, but we've come to expect that at COTI functions, haven't we.

Sorry you were in the poo.