Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, there you have it. The subject line says it all. I have an interview. Tee-hee!!!

As it so happens, I have to wait until next Wednesday morning (at 8:30am--thank you very much) before I can talk to the woman. Okay, here's the part most of you don't know. The job is very far away. I'd have to move approximately 1864 miles (that's just from city center to city center according to google maps). It would be a super big promotion for me. I can't decide how I feel about it yet. I really want the job, but it's far away from everything I know: my family, my friends, the only home I've ever known. On the other hand, it's far away from everything I know! Everything new! Not to mention a much prettier state with a coast 40 miles from the possible new home, mountains 100 miles away, and lots of old friends who moved away close(r) again. I wouldn't leave until August (because of that free England choir trip this summer), but I'd be moving from 100+ temperatures to the 80s, four seasons, and beautiful fall colors. I guess I should see how close Southwest flies to Portland....

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Heather said...

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! Huge congrats for the upcoming interview! I shall keep my fingers crossed. Why didn't you call and tell me?!?!?!