Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yippee skippee!

Okay, I don't remember if I actually blogged or just talked to people about my last doctor visit. She told me to lose weight and get the blood pressure down or no more HRT. It's been approximately one month. I'm down 7 pounds and the BP is at a happy 122/80. YAY!!! Oh, and this was after the huge Mother's Day dinner and a large burger and fries lunch the day before the weighing. Tee-hee!

For those who want to know about the freaky-ass dreams, I decided not to post anything detailed about them. Very violent, gory, evil and bloody. I blame the Chinese food and Law and Order right before bed. Simply put, a mother put the idea into her kids' heads that they should all murder each other in variously disgusting ways. I was on the investigating team. It was icky.

I got an email from Portland today. The main dude is getting together with HR later this week to get the ball rolling on "my" position. He said he'll keep me posted. Let's have another YAY!!!

All in all, a good beginning to the week. Of course, now I'm back at work doing 2 benches. *grumblemumblesnort*


Anonymous said...

"Your" position. Cool.

I think you said enough about the dreams. Thanks for being so considerate of the sensibilities of the Naughty Mouse's blog fans.

Speaking of fans, wish I could come hear you sing and be one tomorrow night. But between the price of gas and the truckload of stuff for Honduras that I need to have done by Saturday, it just ain't gonna happen. Break a leg!


Anonymous said...

Rocking Dog Awesome that they said "your" position! I'm oodles of noodles happy for you! They'd better darn well give you that job or else I'll blast them to smitherines.

JCC said...

It's time for some goodness to come your way! Yippee!!