Saturday, May 05, 2007

I was right! I was right!

Everybody listen up! You must go see Hot Fuzz! Okay, granted it's no Shaun of the Dead, but it's still filled with ridiculous moments of hilarity. When I left the theater after Shaun of the Dead, my stomach was aching from laughing so hard. Not so after Hot Fuzz, but I did laugh out loud numerous times. Maybe it's just because the new movie isn't quite as out there as the original. I'd definitely see it again though. They make so many references to old bad cop type movies (for example Bad Boys II and Point Break--neither of which I've seen), and then they act out the references in different ways. Too funny. I do think I may have to rent the aforementioned movies though.

Anyway, to the point I was right about.

Okay, so I'm watching this movie with a small group of friends (sans the H-bomb because she broke her toe (!) at a crazy hour of the morning). Anyway, after the main character moves to this village of Stanford, I notice something familiar. Granted I've been to England numerous times, and most of these little small towns look alike, but there was something eerie about this town. And it wasn't because of all the "accidents." It was like a serious case of deja vu all over again. Finally at one point in the movie it hit me. This was filmed in Wells. The square with the fountain--the post office and village court building with square columns--the National Trust store right next to the passageway that leads to the cathedral. It was Wells!!! I turned to the person on each side of me and was like "That's Wells! I've been there before!" Poor guys; I made them stay with me until the very end of the credits to prove it to them (and myself). Who cares about the gaffers. Great, they had caterers. Enough with the boom operators!!! Gimme the location dammit! The very last line of type before the itsy bitty print that no one in their right eyes can read read "Filmed in Wells, Somerset." Yay! I was right! Too bad no one took me up on that "lots of money" bet I was trying to make.

I love being right.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I just knew you were going to say it was Wells. Makes me homesick - remember, I fanticised for at least six months about moving to Wells after we sang there.


PS - Sorry to hear about the H-bomb's toe. Been there; done that. No fun (at least not until they give you drugs for the pain).