Thursday, May 10, 2007

some nerve!

Today was not the best day in the life of the naughty mouse. It wasn't the worst either, by far. Let me fill you in on some of the yummy details.

1) First off, I worked a lovely 10.5 hours last night. Ugh! I thought it was supposed to be over, but it seems that since the boss is away ... someone has to pull up the slack. Someone = naughty mouse.
2) Anyway, as I was leaving the lab, I called the garage. See, I'd taken the baby car in Monday to FINALLY have the speedometer thingamajiggy fixed. Well, it wasn't fixed yesterday, but they swore it'd be ready this morning. No biggie. So when I called, the nice as pie lady answered, put me on hold, then came back to tell me that it was going to be a little longer because they had to order a part. "What part?" I ask. The driver's side inner door handle. Um, why? Well, when Jose (I kid you not, really his name, not trying to be racist or anything) was bringing my baby around to the front to get it outta the way, the door handle fell off in his hand. They broke my car!!! Enough said. Since that took longer than expected, I hardly got any sleep today. When they called to say it was ready, I asked how late they were open. I'd planned on getting it tomorrow so I could sleep. Well, when my phone rang at 4pm and I heard thunder and rain, I figured I'd rather drive my own car than the hoopdy-mobile I was loaned (that's for later). I drag my ass outta bed, go get my car, and go back home (to the tune of about $430 lighter in the wallet). That killed a whopping almost hour and a half. How? Who the poo knows.
3) It was time for choir! Yippee-skippee. I'd called the choir junior to see if I could skip for some rejuvenating sleep. Ya, I should've not bothered. "Oh, well, we need you here." Pshaw. I did get there about an hour late though. I'll take the extra sleep for $400 please Alex!
4) After the hellaciousness (?) that was choir--stupid hard contemporary music--my darling friend KC and I went out for dinner. I was in serious need of a burger after the whopping 4 hours sleep I got. Nourishment before parasites! When I was finally able to pry myself away from the table and get the gumption to go to the lab, I had trouble getting my car out of the parking lot. Why, you ask? Because some numbnuts were hanging around some jacked up crazy truck. The guys had these shirts with "special enforcement bureau" on the back. Whatever. Never-you-mind that these guys were scrawny toothpicky men. I could've broken them over my knee with little effort. They had parked all crookwards, and they wouldn't move from the back end of the truck (meaning the 4 people stood around not getting out of my, a paying customer's, way). They just watched me try to back out trying desperately not to hit them. Arrgh! I was finally able to get the scrawniest dude's eye and wave him off like a shoo fly. Only then was I able to back out and around the crazy corner. Grrr! Some people have some nerve!

Oh, and the hoopdy-mobile. Not that there is anything wrong with older model American cars.... However, I was driving this late 80s burgundy Buick that sounded like a lawnmower. It also felt like driving a marshmallow down the road. I think it must've needed new struts or something. When I hit the accelerator, the fuel gauge would go up; when I hit the break, it would go down. Who knows how much gas was really in that tank. When I was sitting in a drive through (mmmm, super large iced tea!) and put the car in neutral, the engine started heating up fast. When I put it back in drive it was fine. What the poo??? When I was on the highway, I couldn't hear the radio--not because of the road noise, but because of the "lack of muffler" sound.

Okay, I'm tired of typing now. There is much more to say, but I'm not gonna.

Oh except for this: if you make brownies, be sure you add the eggs. If you don't, they still taste fine, but the texture is rotten. Probably because with no binder, you are frying the chocolate mixture in all that oil. Ugh! Don't ask how I know.


Anonymous said...

Megan says-
Fried chocolate... mmm....

Heather said...

Whoa!! Longest Blog ever!! I do really love that you compared the car to driving a marshmallow....haha!! I really had this great mental image.

Heather said...

Donde esta new blog?