Tuesday, May 15, 2007

nuevo blogo per request

Yes, life continues to evade me. I still work hellacious hours. I have no/very minimal social life. I must get a new job. The boss called me last night to "chat" about working situations. Not the evil (pinky at corner of mouth) supervisor, but the big boss. Of course, I've seen in the past his tendency to blow hot air. I'll believe it when I see it. Still waiting to hear about Portland. It'll be awhile yet.

I've got this dinner theater thing to do this weekend. That means I've got to get on iTunes and download that danged song I've got to learn. Really helps to hear someone else sing it when you can't have the score in front of you 24/7. I hope I don't blow it. I've also got to learn the lieder I'm singing. At least I get to use music for that one. Stupid Schubert and his German language. So hard sometimes (like when I'm uber tod mude).

Getting ready to get picked up for lunch. Then I can finish laundry and sleep. Ohh, beautiful sleep. Please let this coming time of sleep be dream free. If I get time to blog later, I'll fill you in on the craziness that has been the dream life of the naughty mouse. No more spicy chinese food before sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

OK, this is one of your biggest teasers yet. We must hear about the dreams that follow eating spicy chinese food.

Anonymous said...

Yum, I think I"ll have chinese food for dinner tonight...but I'll make sure to eat it well ahead of the going to bed hour.