Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vacation 2006 -- Day 2

Ah Sewanee! How I love thee!

We got up fairly late this morning (about 8:30), but lazed around until 9:30. Once I could finally get Richard off the computer, we went out behind the hotel and played a bit of tennis. To say that I am a bit rusty is putting it mildly. I was pissing myself off. Granted almost every time I got a good smack on the ball, I would lose my grip on the racket. See, I couldn't find my own racket before I left town, so I "borrowed" one from the church. [an aside: My church choir is having a garage/rummage sale, and there were 5 tennis rackets just sitting there on the great hall floor. I figured I'd give it a week try out to see if I want it to replace my as-yet-unfound racket.] The grip was rubbing off in my hands as I tried to play. Oh well, can't really use that as an excuse--I'm still lousy. It was also a sucky court with no lines and grass growing between cracks in the asphalt. Who knew where the ball was gonna bounce after hitting one of those clumps of sod!

After we got cleaned up (thank God for cold showers!), we jetted off to Sewanee again. I took RAH through the chapel (All Saints), showed him the carillon bells, my old dorms (they've changed up the road leading to Emery), the new equestrian center, the pitiful excuse for a football field, Lake Cheston, and Alto Road. We had to kill time until 11:30 for Shenanigan's to open. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! It's as good, if not better than I remember. I had a killer reuben while the Boer had a cheeseburger. Then we went off to the cross again to hike some of the perimeter trail. Turns out, he doesn't really like hiking. There are "creepy crawlies" out there that could get him. Hahaha! I am glad we turned back when we did though, since almost everwhere we went on the trail was downhill. That means the whole way back was uphill! After that and tennis, my arms and legs are a bit sore.

I then made him drive us to the Natural Bridge. Absolutely amazing still after all these years. It's a big natural bridge formation on the mountain side. Too difficult to describe so I'll try and post pictures later. Unfortunately, I got away from home without the cable to hook the camera up to the computer.

Now, we've just checked in to the B&B where we are staying tonight. He's sleeping on his bed (all snuggled in his comforter snoring away--quietly at least) while I sit on my bed and type with the computer in my lap. I guess this is what they mean by lap top! Anyway, I think he has a great idea. Time for a nap!

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Heather said...

*Sigh* I miss mid day naps......uber jealous of all the kick ass scenery you've been taking in.