Monday, June 21, 2010

whirlwind weekend

Friday: Take the day off work to relax before I head out of town. Hahahahaha! More like drive all over the place to run last minute errands then realize the car is overheating. Go to the garage for them to tell me one of the cooling fans is dead--don't take your car for drives over 10 minutes. Um, how am I gonna get to Waco? Thank God for Mom. Leave town at 5:30pm (yes, it was rush hour but we weren't rushing) and drive just past Waco to McGregor. Visit with the peeps til late and hit the sack.

Saturday: Start the day shooting bows and arrows then pistols at hay bales. Get cleaned up, drive to Waco for errands, short nap time, party time until late. Have tons of fun with the birthday girl and all her friends. Stay up too late like normal.

Sunday: Mmmmmm, homemade pancakes. Nom nom nom! Hit the road by 9:30am to drive back to Dallas. Home by noon, back out the door by 12:30 to hit the grocery and go to Dad's to cook Father's Day lunch (which got served about 3:30, but that's another post). Come home after making sure no one would be infected with salmonella and took a nap. Sooooo didn't want to get up so after I did wake up, went back to sleep within the hour. Haha! At least I watched Family Guy with my man.

There. Two posts in 4 days. I'll get back in the habit, I swear.

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