Monday, April 20, 2009

things you don't want to hear from your doctor

Today being my day off for the week, I had two appointments: one with the dentist and one with the internist. Dentist was first at 8:30am. Ugh. On my day off? Really? Anyway, so it was. I've been having issues with my whole TMJ problem, and he wanted to adjust my mouthguard that I sleep in. Oooh ya, it's sexy. So he's poking around at the different muscles in my mouth and around my jaw asking things like "is this sore, does that hurt?" Then he says this: "Huh, that's interesting." Not something you really want to hear from the dentist. I ask what is interesting to which he replies "well, no case is textbook." I still never really got an answer. Whatever. The man gave me valium. We love him.

Then after a lovely lunch with my delightful mother and a longish nap, I had to have a check up with the GP. When he walked in the room, he just looked at me with his deadpan face and said "so, why are you here?" Personally, I relished my reply of "I dunno, y'all called me." So there! Sticking it to the man! It was just time for a check up and a new and improved tetanus shot. When we finish with all the checking up issues, I always watch what the doc types in his little computer terminal, and he put in something to the effect of "patient denies STD testing." What? He asked if I needed it, and I said no. That's not denying. I called him on it, and he was all "well are you at risk?" Again, I said no, but that I wouldn't "deny" testing. Then he gets all insurancy on me and said they prolly wouldn't cover the testing anyway, does my OB/GYN do it, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I loooooooooove my doctor, but he was being a patooty-head. Guess that was his way of rewarding me for losing 98 pounds. Strange little fellow. =)

Now I'm back home, chilling before I have to go to choir rehearsal. Our night got switched this week since the director has symphony stuff later in the week. I guess I should go. Oh ya, btw--feeling SOOOOO much better, thank you for asking. Just a little 48 hour bug-a-boo that's all gone now.

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Army of Mom said...

98 pounds? How did you lose 98 pounds? I started working out and cutting out desserts and I gained 7 pounds.