Tuesday, December 30, 2008

farewell 2008

I figured I should write a little something as I sit here and nom on my celery at the computer. Again, I've been seriously lax in posting of late. I guess it's the joy of being a adult with a life and too much to do during the holiday season. =)

Life has been mostly very good for the past couple of months. The ex that I met up with about a month ago is no longer an ex. He and I are officially a couple. It's nice to date someone who lives within 1000, nay 100!, miles of me. I've been good about going to the gym to meet with my trainer. I haven't lost any weight since that started, but I've been toning up a little bit. I feel pretty good too! Work is still work. We occasionally have scheduling difficulties with all the people who think they should be able to dictate their own days off without telling the supervisor in advance, but I'm thrilled to have a job in this economy. I've been watching all my friends succumb to the weather craziness that is Texas-everyone is getting sick all over the place. It's hard to not have allergy issues/colds/flus/etc when the weather is 77 one day and 44 the next! I got to see some out-of-town family for Christmas (Mama and I went down to San Antonio) that I hadn't seen since last year. That was awesome. Then on the way back we stopped off and saw the beauty that is my god daughter. I got some pretty amazing stuff for Christmas. My mother went WAAAAAAAAAY above the call of mom duty. Most of what I got was gift card and money related for clothes and the personal trainer. I was hoping to go shopping today, but my stomach had other plans. =( I found out today that I may be having another post-WLS-surgery problem, but for the meantime it is livable. I had planned to have a NYE party here at my place tomorrow night, but that got kiboshed since the 2 people I was really doing it for couldn't make it. No worries--now I don't have to spend the money for the snackage and drinks for everyone! I think the sax man and I will just have a quiet night alone (watching the Stars game).

Well, that's a good update for now. Hopefully I'll have something interesting happen sometime soon so I can post about something funny. I'd much rather entertain than inform! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another post. It was great to see you on Christmas Eve, even if it was for only, what, two minutes.
We defintiely need to find a Sunday to do lunch.
Hope things continue to go well for you.
You've probably heard this from my offspring, but she pulled a 3.6 GPA for her first semester at UNT (that's dean's list material). I'm beyond proud.