Tuesday, February 22, 2011

our glorious national bird

Yep. It's true kiddos. I'm back to blogging. And to make it even more exciting, I can tell you that I saw a bald eagle this past Saturday. I thought for sure I was mistaken. As Mother and I were driving from Madisonville up toward Covington there was this very large bird with a brown body, lighter underside, and white head flying toward us way up in the sky. Many of you know that I will someday die in a fiery car crash from trying to catch one last glimpse of some bird or another. Well, I didn't die this time, but I was sure that it was a bald eagle. Like any sane city person, I thought there was no way I could see a bald eagle in rural Louisiana. After much googling, I found that they do winter here, are common residents in Florida, and some were sighted within a 10 mile radius of where I saw mine within the past month. So there you go. I'm not crazy after all.

More stories from Louisiana to come!

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