Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I made it through working an entire week back on the night shift. Sadly, I still haven't fully recovered. Now I can't sleep until late, I don't know what day it is, and I totally forgot to communicate to the 2nd job (new manager) my lab schedule. Well hell.

In other news, I attended my HS 20th reunion last weekend. I was a skosh disappointed. I had fun, but it was more of a glorified happy hour with people I used to go to school with than an actual reunion. I took the man, and he did really well in the crowd of people he didn't know. Sadly, it was at the end of my night shift week, and I was soooooo tired that the adrenaline couldn't keep me going too long. Yep, I'm old now. What's really scary is that my 20th reunion from college is in 4 years now. 8^O

Also, my kitten has kitty acne. Really? Silly boy. Gonna have to clean that chin daily now. He's going to love that, I'm sure.

Okay, I should try to sleep before the boss calls me to come in early tomorrow.

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