Thursday, September 02, 2010

what's a 2 month leave of absence?

I really am going to hell. I've got the best freaking intentions all the time of posting something. Needless to say (since there has been nothing to read for two months), I have been remiss. And since the road to hell is paved with all them there good intentions, I'll keep a seat warm for you.

So a little recap:
July--It was the BF's birthday so I took him to the Ranger game with some friends. I started doing Bikram yoga. I worked like a fiend. August--I kept doing the Bikram. I spent almost $700 on my car on various problems. I worked like a fiend. I caught a cold (wish I'd missed it). Now it's September.

A few things I noted during my leave:
I have a new appreciation for grackles. Yep, the big loud black birds. When I was walking to my car one day, I saw a large male grackle catch a grasshopper midair and eat it. I detest grasshoppers/crickets/cicadas (except for the noise they make on summer nights) so this made me happy.
Kitten hiccups are almost as cute as kitten snoring.
My boyfriend is a total keeper--he rescued me at the Dallas Galleria when my car died one Sunday night. Then he drove me all around until we found a place to buy a battery. Sadly, that didn't completely fix the car so he drove me back to the mall the next morning to meet the tow truck guy. Keeper.
Like the boyfriend, my mother is awesome.
I've inherited a neighborhood cat. His owner just quit taking care of him. I'm a softie so he's mine now.

Okay, that's enough for now. I gotta go eat some ice cream now. <3

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