Tuesday, January 19, 2010

dreams I dream

1st off, lemme say that if there are a ton of typos, I'm typing without the use of my right index finger. Stupid cheese grater.

I was telling some friends about some of the weird dreams I've been having lately. They said I should write them down, so here I go!

Dream 1: My mother and I were on some sort of a trip at a bed and breakfast somewhere beautiful. While we were sight seeing, I kept seeing zombies. For some unknown reason I knew that the way to keep the zombies at bay was to keep diced sweet potatoes in our pockets. The zombies could hear the sweet potatoes singing, and that would scare them away from us. Yes, the sweet potatoes had to be diced: something about the size of the chunks affected the pitch of the singing. I ate cheese before I went to bed that night.

Dream 2: I was someplace like the State Fair. I decided to enter this contest where I was subjected to "added weight." I got hooked up to something akin to a bungee cord. First they added weights on top of my head (mind you, I was hanging in the air). When I could withstand the weights and then was touching the ground, they started spinning me in circles kinda like to induce G forces. When I could handle all of that, they added a large man on my back. He talked to me the whole time that they sped up the spinning. He was very complimentary telling me that I was doing such a good job. Then when I asked how I was doing, if I was winning/going to beat the record, he started berating me. Finally he started hitting me over the head and telling me I was a bad person unless I confessed my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I finally caved and quit the competition instead of confessing. That night, I had Snuffers cheese fries.

Now you understand why I wake up tired a lot. =)

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