Friday, May 29, 2009


Kinda. I still have to work tomorrow. At least it is at the new vet clinic. Well, it's not NEW, just new for me to work there. In fact, the clinic opened the same year I entered the world. Whoa. And technically, it's a "working interview." What does that really mean? I think it means I have the job already since I'm uber qualified. The best part of the day will be when I head back home with the newest member of the family. I've given up. Thomas needs a friend (before he drives me absolutely bananas). I had an email this morning from the neighborhood animal alert, and a kitten had been abandoned in our neighborhood. I wasn't really all that interested until I saw his picture. Oh damn! Sooooo cute!!! Little black smudge on the nose did me in. I'll post pictures soon.

Anyway, hadn't posted anything in forever so there's my super brief update. I swear I'll get more in soon. I mean, I don't want to be bombarded by emails to see my new baby! BTW--I've named him Ernest (as in The Importance of Being...).

Monday, May 18, 2009

happy Monday

Thursday, May 07, 2009

kharma can suck it

Why is it when things seem to be going well, someone comes along and pees in your half green half black no water no classic iced tea? Today started out to be such a good day. Then it caved. No, correction: it tanked. One of the girls at work is PMSing terribly and is uber sensitive. Well, all the girls started being girly and talking about our fat thighs. I mean, really...what woman (in the real world) is truly happy with her thighs? Exactly. Well, I made the mistake of likening hers to mine. Keep in mind she's a size 4 (yes, four) who complains about how fat she is. She went into this stone cold silent depression for quite a long time. Granted, she started it--the complaining. And she does this just about daily. A size 4! I apologized til I was blue in the face. I hate upsetting people more than I hate being upset by others. Then I got all teary, and she told me not to worry, it was all okay. Fast forward 2 hours. She got all snippy with me about something insignificant, I blew it off and didn't take it personally. Remember, PMSing size 4 girl. She came over a bit later and apologized to me to which I replied something to the effect of "whatever, no harm no foul." She wouldn't let it go until I accepted the apology that I didn't really need. This is when I did the evil deed: open mouth, insert foot. I said, "well, consider us even now." I meant this with all the best intentions and humor. I know, road to hell and all.... She got all huffy. Really, she "harrumphed" me and told me to never bring it up again (meaning the fat thigh thing). This is when I just about lost it. I started to take it personally. Really, am I so fat and hideous looking that the mere thought-in jest-of being likened to me is so horrifying that you have to have a conniption? I threw up my hands of the matter. If you can't please someone with anything you say, just don't say anything at all. Did I mention she wears a size 4? Oh, and her waist is like a 24 incher. Ooh ya, she's a real porker. Ugh.

Thank you for letting me vent. I feel a touch better now.

Monday, May 04, 2009

for your listening pleasure

Okay, I've been searching for a particular Eric Whitacre song on the net, and I came across all these performances that were recently uploaded onto youtube. This is one of my favorite songs of his (my all time favorite is "Sleep," but this one is more fun to watch). I dare you to watch this and not end up smiling and swaying along to the greatness that is his use of words and chord tensions and all his magnificence. It gets really fun at about 6:14 into it. Yes, it's long, but it's so worth it! One of these days, I'll sing something of his. Enjoy!

ah May

I can't believe it's already May. Where has my year gone??? I guess spending most of it at work makes it go by faster. That's probably why time seems to go by faster as you age--there's just not as much time to relax and enjoy yourself. Anyway, I have a few little anecdotes to share that will hopefully bring a smile to someone's face.

I had to go to a birthday party for a 9 year old this weekend with the significant other (his best friend's son). Not only did I pick out the gift (he was sickly so I told him to sleep a little longer and I'd get it), I was told I had to sign the card. This means he and I together gave the kiddo a gift. Dun dun DUN! Not only that, I was at this party for almost 5 hours. Five hours of being the only gringa with a gabillion children running amok and killing the Spiderman pinata. Damn, they had some mighty fine food though! It was kinda fun--the friend's son is finally not scared of me. =)

I had to go back to the dermatologist this morning because the eczema thing on my face won't go away. While I was there I asked him why I get all itchy and bumpy after being in the sun. No, it's not my super sensitive skin, it's an allergic reaction to certain UV wavelengths. Are you kidding me? I'm allergic to sunlight. {rolls eyes}

I went by the car place to have my tires checked as one has a slow leak that needed to be filled. When the car was ready, the main mechanic dude came over to me and said "Is your name Michelle?" I looked at him a little dumbfounded and corrected him, and asked why he asked. Well, I have been going to this particular place for oil changes and simple things for years so I guess they know me there now. He got almost giggly and (acting all embarrassed like the aforementioned 9 year old) asked me if I'd lost weight. Guys are so funny! I said that yes, I've lost about 100 pounds. He commented that he thought so and "it looks good--you look good, I mean really good." Well, if that didn't make my Monday morning, nothing could!

Now the one not so happy thing. We've had quite a few bad storms lately (welcome to Texas in May!). As a result of high winds, my Direct TV satellite is askew. Great. At least I enrolled in their protection plan so they'll come fix it for free. What they didn't tell me at the time was that I may have to wait forever and a day for that to happen. I called yesterday about 2pm. They are sending someone out Friday. Hmmm, Sunday to Friday. I wonder if I can get my bill prorated since I'll not have TV for an entire week! I think I'll call on that.