Friday, May 29, 2009


Kinda. I still have to work tomorrow. At least it is at the new vet clinic. Well, it's not NEW, just new for me to work there. In fact, the clinic opened the same year I entered the world. Whoa. And technically, it's a "working interview." What does that really mean? I think it means I have the job already since I'm uber qualified. The best part of the day will be when I head back home with the newest member of the family. I've given up. Thomas needs a friend (before he drives me absolutely bananas). I had an email this morning from the neighborhood animal alert, and a kitten had been abandoned in our neighborhood. I wasn't really all that interested until I saw his picture. Oh damn! Sooooo cute!!! Little black smudge on the nose did me in. I'll post pictures soon.

Anyway, hadn't posted anything in forever so there's my super brief update. I swear I'll get more in soon. I mean, I don't want to be bombarded by emails to see my new baby! BTW--I've named him Ernest (as in The Importance of Being...).

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