Tuesday, March 24, 2009

love and loss

By now most of you know that I lost Cornelius last Friday. He was a great little kitty! He was only four and a half years old, and he had a bad heart. The vet and I think he had a massive heart attack while running through the house at break-neck speed. Not the thing to do with a really bad heart murmur and high blood pressure! I think he may have had a dozen or so brain cells to rub together, but he wasn't known for his smarts. I got him back from the vet yesterday in his new home of a little cedar box. I know this sounds morbid, but I swear it's not. Surprisingly, Thomas is handling this all rather well. Yes, he's been clingy, but he may be a quite functional only cat for a while. He also has a great clean bill of health. It's awesome working for a company where I can get all those tests done for free. Thank you Jesus! I had him tested for everything. So, that is my little update for Spring. I'll come up with more later I'm sure.

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