Sunday, October 19, 2008


Whoa. I had the best dinner last night. It was with my mother at a place called Tramontana ( This place is sooooooooooo underrated; I can't believe it wasn't packed. My starter (skip over this one, H-bomb) was the local goat cheese with roasted garlic and grilled portabello mushrooms. It was served with a chunky marinara and bruschetta bread crouton things. I didn't even so much as lick the bread--just ate the good stuff! (breaks into song: "Heaven, I'm in heaven....") Mother had a salad of roasted beets, local chevre, granny smith apples, and buttered walnuts. OMG! That was fantastic, too, and I can't stand beets. Her main course was Texas quail that was prepared with honey and lavender. Wow. I had the Chateaubriand with a Cabernet demi glace. Mmmmmm, beef. Then I had some for lunch today and the rest for dinner tonight! =) Anyway, this place is in Preston Center (Preston Road and NWHWY) for anyone who wants to have an amazing dinner. Yes, it is not cheap, but considering what you are getting, it is well worth the price. Just plan ahead for a couple weeks (like skip your morning Starbucks or whatever). It is soooooooooo worth it. And wouldn't you rather support your local eateries than national chains in this tough economy?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just a short note to update everyone on my WLS. I just tried on the dress that my mother made for me to wear for my college graduation in 1994. It is now a smidge big on me. Whoot! Yay me! I think that deserves a Reece's cup.

Monday, October 13, 2008


My mother can tell you that I've always watched commercials. I'd wait until they were over before I'd leave the room to go to the bathroom as a kid. Why I never went into advertising, I'll never know. Anyway, there is a new commercial on the television that creeps me out. It is for Jack in the Box; it's the one with the 2 men in the stroller. OMG!!! What is the idea behind two grown men whining about being hungry? It honestly creeps me out and makes me shudder. Physically shudder! It is soooooooooo wrong. Wrong, I tell you!

On the other hand, I made a pass at my local barista this morning. Gotta get back in the game somehow. I think I need more practice. =)

it's 1am--do you know where your naughty mouse is?

Whoa. I despise working the night shift. No, I'm not at work now. I worked last night which means I slept very little last night before having to get up and sing this morning. Which also means I ended up falling asleep on the couch for a longish nap today. Which in turn means I'm still awake now. Arrgh! What better time to blog and catch you guys up on the lack of happenings in my life.

So, it's official. The guy and I are kaput. I actually broke up with him via email. He's been out of town for the past 2 months (save 3 days). How the heck are you supposed to have a relationship with someone like that? He wished me the best and said I deserved better. A woman in choir this morning said that if he admitted it, there must be some truth in it. Whatever. Still no fun.

Work is still work. I think the renovations are over for the time being. The bigwigs come to town tomorrow morning to see all the changes. Whoop dee freaking doo. I'm just glad it's over. Do you know how hard it is to work in a scientific setting with the smell of tile adhesive and the sound of drills? Well, my friends (sorry, too much McCain), it's not so fun. Hopefully the CEO will like it and we can work in peace for a while at least.

School is schooly. I had a big presentation/lecture leading thing last Friday. I was soooooooooooo nervous, but it seemed to go very well. When the professor quoted me toward the end of the class (something to the effect of "the point that she made about blah blah blah..."), he made me sound like I knew what I was talking about. I smiled about that one. Now I just have to get back together with the thesis prof and work out the timeline for my project. Hmmm, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to build a microsatellite library quickly, lemme know! =)

One last thing: I'm so glad for my friends and family I can't begin to tell you. It seems like a lot of bad things are happening to those around me. One of our coworkers passed away this past week from complications of lung cancer. A woman in my choir lost all her hair after her first bout of radiation for lung cancer. A dear friend's mother had to be admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and found out she needed triple bypass surgery (she is doing well, thank God). Another coworker is going through dialysis three times a week while waiting for a kidney transplant. Oh, and he has a brand new baby he can hardly enjoy in his weakened state. My ills are so banal in comparison. If I start to gripe about things, just remind me how good I really do have it. Because I do. I love you all and keep you all in my prayers!

Monday, October 06, 2008

toooo funny!

While on my way home from work (ridiculously late I might add), I heard the funniest song on KNON's blues hour. It's called Oreo Cookie Blues by Lonnie Mack (and SRV). Hahahaha! Here are the lyrics for you for a giggle. Enjoy!

Chocolate on my fingers, icing on my lips
Sugar diabetes and blubber on my hips
I keep the night light burning in the kitchen baby
So I can go downstairs and cruise
I got them oreo creme sandwich
Chocolate covered creme filled cookie blues

I hide'em in a cabinet, I keep'em in a jar
For emergency's you know I keep'em in the
Glove compartment of my car
And I can't live without'em
They git' me higher than I can get on booze
I got them oreo creme sandwich
Chocolate covered creme filled cookie blues

Doctor says I'm crazy
You better give'em up and quick
Or you'll be pushing up daisies because
Boy you definitely sick
I couldn't quit if I wanted to
Yeah I don't wanna lose
It's them oreo creme sandwich
Chocolate cover creme filled cookie
Built by nabisco, ain't no rookie
Next best thang to nookie blues

Saturday, October 04, 2008

can you believe the gaul?!?

He's back!